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What if orphanages could be revolutionized to find loving families for all their kids? Then for all the street kids in their cities?


This is happening! 1MILLIONHOME is advancing proven solutions and rallying way-makers to bring healing, reconciliation and permanence to orphaned children on a global scale.


Hopeland is a non-profit organization focused on finding better ways to keep children in families. There are 25 million children globally growing up without a family, but 385 million more at risk of separation.


We create initiatives domestically and abroad to prevent parent/child separation and mobilize a movement of families to provide support to these vulnerable children.

Charity Partners


A Family for Every Orphan is a Christian organization that helps orphans find loving families in their home countries. We believe children belong in families and our vision is a world without orphans.


America's Kids Belong provides a proven solution to improving the outcomes of kids in the foster care system.


With over 400,000 kids in foster care and 100,000 of them needing adoptive homes, we drive awareness, support, and resources from the government, faith, and private sectors to help these kids find the belonging they desperately need and the permanent, loving homes they seek.


Through our technology Children First Software, we empower government authorities to move vulnerable children to their best future, a chance to grow and flourish in a loving family. 


BRAVEAURORA is a non-profit, independent organization working since 2009 to support children, families, and sustainable community development in Ghana. BRAVEAURORA works closely with state and non-state child protection partners to deinstitutionalize Residential Homes for Children and encourage appropriate parental or alternative family-based care for children. BRAVEAURORA advocates for Care Reform, supports children and families with case management and other social services. BRAVEAURORA is also registered in Austria and Switzerland.


Buckner Logo.png

Buckner International is a ministry dedicated to the transformation and restoration of the lives we serve. We are a Christ-centered organization that delivers redemptive ministry to the most vulnerable from the beginning to the ending of life.


Our mission is to follow the example of Jesus by serving vulnerable children, families and seniors.

Child Hope.png

Nearly 80% of the children in Haitian orphanages are there because a family member living in poverty didn't have the support they needed to adequately provide for them.

Child Hope International cares for orphans and widows in their distress by transitioning children from orphanages into loving families.

Since shifting our focus to bringing Haitian families back together in 2018, Child Hope International has helped restore relationships of 29 families separated by poverty.

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Originally starting life as an orphanage, Children’s Future International (CFI) solely delivers community-based comprehensive education, child protection, and well-being programs to children from vulnerable and resource-deprived families in a rural community outside the city of Battambang, Cambodia.  


CFI has demonstrable success in breaking the cycle of poverty by utilizing innovative social work approaches, reducing service dependency, and providing long-term safe and sustainable solutions.  


CFI has been using skills and experience learned from transforming from a residential service to supporting other orphanages in this challenging transition. CFI understands this is not an easy task and comprehensive support is required for this to be successful. 

At Comfort Cases, we believe that every child deserves to feel a sense of dignity and hope. Every child deserves to pack their belongings in a special new bag that they can call their very own. Every child deserves to have a cozy new pair of pajamas, a brand new warm blanket, and a new stuffed animal to hug during the traumatic transition into foster care. 

Comfort Cases are backpacks filled with comfort and personal care items for youth entering the foster care system. Typically, children are given a trash bag to pack up their belongings when they are removed from their homes. We are working to end this practice while providing the essentials for a child’s first few days in foster care.

comfortCases_transparent (1).png

At Ekisa, we envision a world where every child grows up in a loving family, regardless of their disability. We believe that every person deserves to be included in a community that recognizes their value and unique contribution. We dream of the day when differences are celebrated, no more children need to be institutionalized, and people with disabilities are given the unconditional love and support they need to grow and thrive.


Today, we stand in the gap and come alongside children and their families as they rewrite the story of disability in their communities.

Ekisa Logo.png

Global Child Advocates strengthens the layers of protection around children to prevent abuse, trafficking, and orphanhood and empowers through training and social enterprise.


Our programs build safe families and communities, and we help churches and organizations pioneer new and better ways to protect orphaned and vulnerable children. Our vision is to see every child protected within the love of a family.

Helping Children Worldwide Sierra Leone

Helping Children Worldwide (HCW) empowers local partners in Sierra Leone to bring in homeless children from the streets, prepare their families and them for reintegration, and ensure they grow up in a safe, loving, and permanent family.  We provide access to education, healthcare, and resources that lift vulnerable families out of poverty and crisis, and then focus on programs that strengthen families through case management, counseling, coaching, training, and mentorship to empower them to care for themselves. 


Our local partners also provide transition support services designed to train and equip orphanage leaders to transition from residential care of children to family-based programs, as well as providing curriculum to equip social workers to reintegrate children and reunify the families that they serve, through workshops, coaching and mentorship.

Identity Mission works in Honduras to support vulnerable children by providing family-based care solutions alongside of the local church. For a nation that has leaned heavily on the orphanage system, providing these solutions entails working with the local welfare office to provide a shift in the system towards alternative care programs.


Therefore, Identity Mission operates a formal foster care program; as well as, a family preservation program that seeks to support identified at-risk families, preventing separation altogether.  Our vision is to see a nation where every child has the opportunity to develop their identity in Christ within a loving family and an end to the age of children growing up in large institutional care.

Kaeme logo JPG.jpg

"Kaeme" means "remember me" in Twi, a dialect spoken in Ghana.


The Department of Social Welfare (DSW) in Ghana currently estimates that up to 80% of children living in institutions are there as a result of poverty and can be reunited with their families if appropriate support is provided.


Kaeme staff work with DSW staff in orphanages in Ghana to meet and profile children, find their families and ensure the home environment is safe and loving. The child and family both work with staff psychologists to prepare for reintegration. Kaeme gifts the family a reunification package, provides tuition support if necessary, and matches the family with a community mentor.


LoveMoves.Us provides the community, encouragement and support families who foster or adopt are looking for. Giving your family to a child is a loving thing to do, but parenting children through the grief, loss and trauma a child has suffered can be hard.


We engage the community to serve and support by providing tangible needs & meals, trauma-informed trainings, and support groups with children’s programming so everyone can be a part of supporting vulnerable children and the families on the front lines caring for them.

Paraguay Protects Families is a national volunteer movement led by a group of faith-based organizations, children's homes and foster care agencies, churches and networks, as well as professionals, practitioners and foster/adoptive parents, with a shared vision that every child in Paraguay would live and grow in a safe and loving family.


Created in 2012, Pontes de Amor is a non-profit philanthropic organization focused on the guarantee of the rights of institutionalized children and the high rates of return of children by adoptive families in Brazil and from family crises in the post-adoption period due to lack of support. 

PontesdeAmor Logo.jpg

Project 1.27 offers more than a decade of experience and learning to inspire, recruit and resource churches and families to successfully fulfill James 1:27 by caring for children in foster care, their parents and the families who foster and adopt.


Using Project 1:27's unique faith-centered approach that includes trauma-informed, relationship-based parenting strategies and guides families in developing a strong support network, hundreds of Christian families are changing the outcomes for kids in foster care.

project-127-logo (1).png

What if every foster and adoptive family could be supported? That's what Replanted seeks to do!

Replanted is a national, faith-based organization that provides post-placement support for foster and adoptive families. We offer an annual conference so caregivers can be refreshed and equipped, and we help churches and organizations build monthly small groups with customized programming for parents and children. Our goal is that no family has to walk this journey alone.

Red Safe Child Thailand Logo (1).png

At Safe Child Thailand, we want all children to lead healthy and happy lives, with loving families. Currently, this is not the case for thousands of children living in Thailand. With your support, we aim to strengthen families and community support services, enabling children to reach their full potential.


Selamta Family Project creates Forever Families for orphaned and abandoned children in Ethiopia. Poverty, brokenness and a lack of domestic adoption resources in Ethiopia create the need for Selamta’s programs.


Forever Families are a permanent alternative to institutions or life on the street. Children come to Selamta from government orphanages and institutions.

Shelter Yetu rescues children living on the streets of Kenya, rehabilitates them—giving them a chance to grow and heal—and reunites them with their families. 

NCS-Logo-Vector-CMYK-01 (1).png
Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 11.47.31

The Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans is a movement of Christians, Churches, and
organizations, working in unity with a common goal to reach every orphan with genuine Christian care, provide an opportunity for every child to live in a loving family; and prevent the abandonment of children in Ukraine.


Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans is a nationwide movement which purpose is to advocate for the rights of orphans and vulnerable children, prevent children from becoming orphans and ensure that every child grows in a loving family.


The Archibald Project produces stories that empower more people to care for orphaned and vulnerable children. New families are created, struggling families are supported, and vulnerable children can thrive, all through the power of a story.

Kenyan Children's Project _ Logo_White.p

Kenyan Children's Project are on a mission to advance a just world for children and secure homes for healthy family upbringing. We believe that EVERY child has the right to be seen, heard, securely rooted in family and safe from threat.


There are many millions of vulnerable children across the world that have been separated from family. 300,000 of these children are currently living on Kenya's streets, whilst countless other vulnerable children are facing further risk, in the name of "orphanages" and other residential institutions. It is our highest priority to advocate and establish safe and successful routes for each child to journey home.

Lead by example. We desire that every child in Washington State has a permanent home with a loving family and are committed to ensuring legal fees are not an impediment towards achieving this goal.  We do not discriminate on any basis. We believe kids deserve loving families  -- regardless of makeup or design -- and we know kids do better when they achieve permanence with loving families.

Unlikely Heroes Logo.png

Unlikely Heroes exists to end human trafficking worldwide. Unlikely Heroes provides crisis intervention, restoration homes and aftercare services to victims of human trafficking & sexual exploitation. The organization works to protect those vulnerable to human trafficking and runs prevention & awareness campaigns

Associate Partners

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And you can help make that a reality.


Orphan Myth is a group of NGOs, child advocacy specialists, influencers, faith-leaders and businesses, dedicated to help every child belong in a safe, loving family. 


Ultimately, Orphan Myth seeks to see every child in a loving home through reunification of those who have been separated, the strengthening of at-risk families, and permanency solutions for those who truly have no family to call their own.

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